Leaflets for PCS members

John Moloney runs incumbent close in PCS Deputy General Secretary election

John Moloney

John Moloney, an AWL member, won 11,547 votes in the PCS Deputy General Secretary election, and so was only narrowly beaten by Hugh Lanning with 13,755. It was a very high vote for John Moloney considering that he was backed only by the small Independent Left group within the union, while Lanning was backed by all the other groups which took a position, from the mainstream right over to the Socialist Party and SWP.

PCS pay dispute bulletin for 16/02/04

AWL bulletin for PCS pay dispute, 16 February 2004
Unite across departments
Form a national strike committee

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Without any doubt the magnificent response from branches up and down the country, on hearing of the suspension of strike action on 29th and 30th January, pressurised the DWP Group Executive Committee into calling the two days of strike action on 16th and 17th February.

Against the PCS "coup": Democratise the union!

A Solidarity/ Workers' Liberty leaflet

Against the PCS "coup": break the power of the "Moderates"! Democratise the union!

o Uphold the elected General Secretary and President
o Demand a recall conference
o Press for re-run National Executive elections
o Don't rely on the courts - mobilise the membership. If the courts back Reamsbottom, demand a fresh General Secretary election.