Solidarity 048, 18 March 2004

Madrid, morals and moralism

by Gerry Byrne

My immediate reaction to the Madrid bombing I imagine I shared with millions across the political spectrum. It is the second thoughts that divide us. I don't quite know how to express my disquiet at some of those second thoughts expressed on the left.

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Socialist Alliance minority resists shutdown

The special conference of the Socialist Alliance in London on 13 March voted effectively to shut down the organisation in favour of the Galloway/ SWP coalition "Respect". A one-third minority, which withdrew from the conference after the decisive vote, resolved to continue the Alliance.

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Moving on

Alan Johnson argues that the left needs to build a solidarity campaign with the Iraqi people not an 'anti-war' movement

"My suggestion is as follows. People who opposed the war but with a proper sense of the other considerations, the ones that moved us left-liberal supporters of the war, should be willing to move on. All said and done, they didn't agree with what was done, but what was done removed a scourge and they will recognize that and look to what is now the best possible course forward for the people of Iraq." (Norman Geras at normblog March 5 2004)

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