Promotion without a Pay Rise

What's all this then?

It's a list of ticketing duties that LUL is now demanding that CSAs learn (in our own time) and get qualified in.

In other words, we will be selling tickets, doing all the things that SAMFs used to do except sit at a window. For and SAMF salary? No, for our CSA salary.

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Night Tube Drivers: External Adverts or Internal Promotion?

So the company is advertising part-time Night Tube drivers' jobs. Here at Tubeworker, we like to see new jobs created and to see staff getting the opportunity to work reduced hours. And if Night Tube duties are done by part-timers who want to work those hours, then there will be no need for full-timers to work any extra night turns.

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In At The Deep End?

LU is forcing current SAMFs and SCRAs through supervisor training.

But many say the training is too short to prepare them for the unwanted hike in responsibility. LU has even been throwing newly-qualified supervisors in at the deep end by using them to cover for staff shortage on their existing groups.

Bad enough to have the new job thrust upon them from next year, but even worse to use them to paper over cracks in coverage caused by unfilled vacancies and Fit for the Future training.

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Career Development

LU is tempting Supervisors with secondments that will provide cover for SS1s during "Fit for the Future" training. LU tells us this will help our "career development".

What a joke! Once "Fit for the Future" comes in, supervisors will be "promoted" to do SS1 work anyway - but with no pay rise. Those on secondments will keep doing SS1 work, but see their pay cut as soon as the secondment ends.

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Fixed-term contract CSAs: fight for your future!

All new CSAs employed since the middle of last year have been taken on on fixed-term contracts - most for 12 months, some for 16, but some for less (nine or six).

These fixed-term posts were created unilaterally by LU without agreement from any union. They're a big setback; directly-employed work with LU has always been (relatively) stable and secure. Unions have argued for outsourced work such as cleaning and many engineering functions to be taken back in house precisely because insecurity, casualisation, and precariousness are much more common when work is contracted out.

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A Sick Proposal

If you followed the links in management's report of the latest Company Council meeting, you may have noticed that the company proposes blocking staff from transfer or promotion if you have a warning.

Given that managers chuck around attendance warnings like confetti, this will mean hundreds of staff frozen where they are at any time. this will be miserable for us: be unlucky enough to get sick twice in six months, and that's your chance to advance your career - or just to work nearer your home or at a workplace you prefer - put on hold for half a year.

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