A Sick Proposal

If you followed the links in management's report of the latest Company Council meeting, you may have noticed that the company proposes blocking staff from transfer or promotion if you have a warning.

Given that managers chuck around attendance warnings like confetti, this will mean hundreds of staff frozen where they are at any time. this will be miserable for us: be unlucky enough to get sick twice in six months, and that's your chance to advance your career - or just to work nearer your home or at a workplace you prefer - put on hold for half a year.

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No Promotion!

There have been so few promotional opportunities in LU recently that last week’s Station Supervisor campaign was a much-needed ray of hope. This was soon dashed when staff read they could only apply if able to nominate for a ticket office position. By Friday, the Campaign Recruitment Team said they had put the whole campaign on hold due to an unspecified ‘administrative error’. Had they listened to the RMT’s objection to this discriminatory way of recruiting, or is it just plain incompetence on their part? Either way, this episode has left staff feeling even more demoralized.

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2 Won't Do!

Management have a little ploy on stations - slipping in SS2s (or SSMFs) to work on SS1 stations. They did it last year at Warren Street, getting an SRT SS to help out on the night turn during the refurb. Now they are trying it at Waterloo, getting SS2/MFs from other groups to come and work on the station. And rumour has it that LUL reckons that 'escalator assist' Supervisors at Bank don't actually have to be SS1s despite it being an SS1 station!

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Staff Giveaway

The absolute cheek of it! Management, having enticed staff to apply for RCI and discovered that far more of us passed than they anticipated (perhaps they underestimate our talents!), have written to some of those on the training waiting list asking us if we want to go and work on the buses!

We kid you not. What an absolute indictment of the state of the internal promotion system that they can think of nothing better to do with capable staff than give us away to another company.

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