Support the Picturehouse workers' strike fund!

Here you can find a printable 1) collection sheet, 2) model motion and 3) letter to union branches from BECTU reps to organise donations from your trade union or Labour Party branch. Scroll down for text of motion.

More at Ritzy Living Wage Facebook page

and the Hackney Picturehouse Living Wage Facebook page


The workers at Ritzy and Hackney Picturehouse cinemas in London are on strike for the Living Wage, sick pay and maternity pay entitlements, and union recognition.

This group of low-paid workers are going up against the Cineworld cinema empire, with hundreds of cinemas across nine countries. When Brixton's Ritzy Picturehouse workers struck for better pay in 2014, they shook the industry by winning a 26% pay increase (but still falling short of the London Living Wage) - after 13 days of strike action.

The Picturehouse dispute is important: if these low-paid, insecurely-employed, sorely-exploited workers can beat Cineworld, they will likely embolden many other workers in the private sector to organise. Already staff at several additional Picturehouse cinemas are getting ready to join the dispute.

IMPORTANT: When making a bank transfer, please email to inform the strikers of the sum you have transferred; and include the reference "Picturehouse strike fund" in the payment.

Please spread the Crowdpac link far and wide, and encourage your friends to donate online to support the strike fund.


This branch/CLP notes:

1. That BECTU members at the Ritzy cinema in south London and the Hackney Picturehouse cinema in north-east London are in dispute with the Picturehouses chain - for the London Living Wage, sick pay for all, maternity/paternity/adoption pay, and pay rises for supervisors, managers, chefs and technical staff. BECTU members at Hackney Picturehouse are also asking for union recognition. Both cinemas have struck several times.
2. That in 2014 workers at the Ritzy struck for 13 days in and succeeded in raising their wage significantly to £9.10ph (a 26pc rise).
3. That the Picturehouses chain is owned by Cineworld, which made £83.8m profit in 2015.
4. That the strikers are seeking to extend the dispute to other Picturehouse cinemas.

This branch/CLP resolves:

1. To send a message of solidarity to BECTU members at the Ritzy and Hackney Picturehouse.
2. To send a donation of £... to their strike fund.
3. To mobilise support for future picket lines.
4. To investigate speaking to workers at nearby Picturehouse, Cineworld and/or other cinemas about the dispute.