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Our record on Ireland

Socialist Organiser [the publication at the time of the tendency now represented by Workers’ Liberty and Solidarity] traces its attitude on Ireland back to the small group of socialists who produced the journal An Solas/Workers Republic in 1966-7, under the umbrella of the Irish Workers Group.

Isaac Deutscher: The Anatomy of an Apologist

Julius Jacobson (1965)

Issac Deutscher published his biography of Stalin 16 years ago. Since then he has produced a small book on Russian trade unions, several collections of essays and lectures, a three-volume biography of Trotsky and scores of newspaper and magazine articles analyzing contemporary developments in the Communist world.

Appeal to the young

Peter Kropotkin

Peter Kropotkin's classic appeal to educated young people to join the working-class movement rather than pursue a bourgeois career was written (in French) in 1880. For obvious reasons it reads as "dated" today, but the basic argument remains strong, and the text is of great historical interest because of its huge influence on the left in the late 19th century.

The roots of Bolshevism. Plekhanov: father of Russian Marxism

Sean Matgamna

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"The task of our revolutionary intelligentsia therefore comes, in the opinion of the Russian Social Democrats, to the following: they must adopt the views of modern scientific socialism, spread them among the workers and, with the help of the workers, storm the stronghold of autocracy. The revolutionary movement in Russia can triumph only as the revolutionary movement of the workers. There is not and cannot be any other way out for us."
George Valentinovich Plekhanov, speaking at the Founding Congress of the Second International in Paris, July 1889

AWL: what we are, what we do and why we do it

Sean Matgamna

Over a period of two centuries and more, humankind has made tremendous strides in developing its power to control nature and, in terms of medicine and surgery in all their aspects, over itself. But we have proved as yet unable to break through into the higher stage of civilisation whose objective preconditions have long existed - the stage characterised by rational, human control over our society, and over nature, by a harmonious relationship with the eco-system on which everything depends.