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Remembering Rosa Luxemburg — standing against the socialist betrayers, by Clara Zetkin

Together with Karl Liebnecht and — a little later Leo Jogiches — Rosa Luxemburg was murdered by right wing reactionaries in January 1919, after the failure of the rising by the Spartacists, the young, small, newly-formed Communist Party of Germany. She had spent the years of the First World War mainly in jail.

The left we have and the left we need [1997]

Sean Matgamna

The 18-year period of rule by the Tory Party, which was ended on 1 May by the election of a New Labour government, was one of profoundly radical change. The bourgeoisie remade and reshaped institutions and social relationships and, to a considerable extent, the working-class itself.

Trotskyism after the collapse of Stalinism: an open letter to Ernest Mandel

Sean Matgamna

Comrade Ernest Mandel: Certain of your critics — James P Cannon reasonably in the 1950s, the degenerate sectarians (Healy, Lambert) ridiculously in the 1960s — named the “Fourth International” current you lead “Pabloism”.

Capitalism in our times

Chris Reynolds, Paul Hampton, Hillel Ticktin, Bruce Robinson, Clive Bradley

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"New forces and passions" or "epoch of decline"

A debate from Workers' Liberty

"New forces and passions", by Chris Reynolds, from Workers' Liberty 63
"Capitalism is in decline", by Paul Hampton, WL 64-5
"The epoch of decline", by Hillel Ticktin, WL 66
"Capitalism: neither decline nor progress", by Bruce Robinson, WL 2/1
"A one-sided view of capitalist progress", by Clive Bradley, WL 2/1
"Decline of reality, or decline of theory?", by Chris Reynolds, WL 2/2

Revolutionary Unionism

Eugene Debs

The unity of labor, economic and political, upon the basis of the class struggle, is at this time the supreme need of the working class.