Northern line

Don't Bully Our Cleaners!

At Angel station, a Station Supervisor accused a cleaner of neglecting their duties. The cleaner got an RMT rep, who proved that there was little basis for his allegations.

Now, the next time the cleaner goes in with the union to see management, it will not be a disciplinary hearing against the cleaner, but an investigation into whether the supervisor harassed the cleaner.

Flood Water

While staff dealt with the effects of the heavy downpour a couple of weeks back, the GSM showed up at Golders Green station. Great - some people would say that managers never show up when the proverbial hits the fan, but Tubeworker won't have a bar of it.

Rushing Through Re-Licensing

We were recently telling you about under-staffing causing problems with getting drivers re-licensed. Seems this affects other grades too.

Out on the Barkingside group, managers have been trying it on with staff, telling them that the company has "done away with" the requirement for 28 days' notice of ATOR and claiming that now you only need 5 days'.

Looking Good?

At Morden depot, management have come up with another cracking scheme to boost the morale of the workers. Now when you book on, you can look (well, you can hardly avoid looking) at yourself in a mirror, adorned with the words 'Looking Good'. No doubt, management imagine the professional driver slicking back their hair, straightening their tie, muttering 'hello handsome' to themselves and going to pick up their train with a spring in their step.