Northern line

Northern Line drivers, Waterloo & City service controllers, Interserve cleaners: prepare to strike!

Northern Line drivers

A strike ballot for RMT driver members at the Morden depot on the Northern Line closes tomorrow (18 November). The strike is to demand reinstatement for Alex McGuigan, a Northern Line driver and RMT member with 29 years' service, who was unfairly sacked after a breathalyser test gave a positive reading but didn't take into account his Type-2 Diabetes or test his urine sample.

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Making Mischief

It seems that Boris Johnson thinks that a train being routed onto a single-track branch line heading straight towards another train is a small matter. BoJo derided those making an issue of the Mill Hill incident as 'just causing mischief'.

Someone should tell him that head-on collisions are much more than mischief. If speaking out about it makes you a troublemaker, then we need more troublemakers.

Get this man off our railway - he's a liability.

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Let's Get Cooking

For two years, ticket sellers at Euston asked management for a cooker in their messroom. They were ignored and fobbed off with every excuse under the sun. Finally, they decided to submit a collective grievance. Before management even let them submit the grievance, a cooker was ordered. A two-year-long battle was sorted within two weeks, thanks to the threat of a little collective action.

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Runaway Train

Final judgement on the infamous "runaway train" incident on the Northern Line in 2010 recently ended with a fine of £300,000 for London Underground. Shocking TV pictures were shown which highlighted just how close we were to disaster, avoided only by prompt staff action. Management should learn the lesson that safety should not be compromised for financial expediency.

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Wot No One-Under?

Last weekend, some bright spark thought it would be a jolly good idea to conduct a mock one-under in order to practise staff response to such an incident. The only problem was ... They didn't bother telling the station staff that it was a drill!

The staff at Kentish Town thought it was a genuine person-under-a-train incident and did what they needed to do, including evacuating the station. It was only when they got through to the controller's emergency number on the second attempt (!) that they were told the truth.

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