Australian left in crisis

Submitted by cathy n on 11 January, 2006 - 4:34

The largest activist group on the Australian left, the Democratic Socialist Party, is in crisis over its policy towards the Socialist Alliance.
At the DSP congress, in the first week of January, its long-time leader, John Percy, and its longstanding chief theorist, Doug Lorimer, were ousted from key positions, defeated by the supporters of Peter Boyle, who argues that the DSP can build the Socialist Alliance, and a network of trade unionists more or less sympathetic to it, into a big force in the Australian labour movement.

Donate your old books to a good cause

Submitted by cathy n on 6 January, 2006 - 12:10

Do you have any old books you no longer want? Need to clear out some space in your home? Why not donate your books to the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty. We are searching for socialist and socialist history books — many of which are now hard to find — in order to sell-on and raise money for our political work.

We are especially interested in:

Socialist writers: Luxemburg, Marx, Lenin and Trotsky of course, but also William Morris and Victor Serge.

Poisoning the labour movement

Submitted by cathy n on 3 January, 2006 - 12:02

Review by Stan Crooke of: “Raising Lazarus from the Dead: The Future of Organised Labour” (David Coats)

The public launch of “Raising Lazarus from the Dead: The Future of Organised Labour” took place shortly before Christmas.

Among the luminaries attending the launch were government Trade and Industry Secretary Alan Johnson (who recently advocated that the unions’ share of the vote at Labour Party conference should be reduced to 15%) and USDAW General Secretary John Hannet (whose main claim to fame is his union’s sweetheart deals with employers like Tesco).

Bonapartism or social democracy in Venezuela?

Submitted by PaulHampton on Sun, 01/01/2006 - 15:51

The Weekly Worker has published a long article (Chávez and the AWL, December 15). This is my reply.


The substance of my disagreement with Nick Rogers over Venezuela is that I characterise the Chávez government as Bonapartist, whereas he believes it is social democratic. My view leads to independent working class politics – Rogers’ leads to its dissolution.

There is a real debate to be had on this issue, aside from Rogers’ haughty condescension towards the AWL.

However the discussion does not take place in a vacuum.

Let's do the time warp again: 1998

Submitted by Janine on Wed, 12/28/2005 - 21:14

Following my earlier whistle-stop tour through 1997, let’s move on a year …

1998 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the National Health Service, and of the nationalisation of the railways. Tony Blair’s newly-elected New Labour government celebrated these twin milestones of Labour government achievements by starving the NHS of much-needed funds and announcing its intention to privatise London Underground.

Tube workers to strike against station staffing cull

Submitted by Tubeworker on Fri, 12/23/2005 - 19:51

London Underground station staff have delivered a whopping Yes vote to industrial action in defence of staffing levels, and will strike for 24 hours on New Year’s Eve and again eight days later.

The ballot result was as follows:

For strike action:

  • 1,327 votes (84.6%) in favour
  • 241 (15.4%) against

For action short of strike:

After Cronulla - solidarity against racism - but not "with Islam"

Submitted by AWL on 18 December, 2005 - 12:38

About 150 people turned up in King George Square, Brisbane, on 18 December to protest against the racist riots in the Sydney beach suburb of Cronulla, New South Wales, on 11 December, when 5000 white people, mostly young, took to the streets waving Australian flags and attacking anyone of Middle-Eastern appearance.