BNP defeated in East London

Submitted by AWL on 21 July, 2005 - 12:04

At the beginning of the summer the British National Party looked set to significantly expand its electoral base in East London; half way through July, their hopes are in tatters.

The last month has seen the fascists lose their Goresbrook seat on Barking council and frustrated in their attempts to win a second seat in the council’s Becontree ward.

BNP thrashed in Becontree

Submitted by Janine on 15 July, 2005 - 10:28

The nazi British National Party thought it could benefit from stirring up racism and Islamophobia after the London bombings with a disgusting official election leaflet showing a picture of the wrecked bus, and an illegal hate sticker that used the local council's logo. The voters of Becontree saw through them and voted overwhelmingly against the BNP.

Where is the Socialist Alliance's money?

Submitted by AWL on 14 July, 2005 - 8:51

Open Letter to Nick Wrack and Rob Hoveman, Chair and Secretary of the Socialist Alliance, from current and former national executive members and national office holders of the Socialist Alliance. 13 July 2005.

Matthew Caygill, Jim Jepps, Declan O'Neill, Andrew Newman, John Nicholson, Dave Church and Pete McLaren.

On the 5th February the final conference of the Socialist Alliance voted by a clear majority to carry out the following actions, within closely defined time scales.

Rally to defend Muslims and mosques!

Submitted by AWL on 13 July, 2005 - 5:01

Bigots, racists, and fascists are seizing on the reaction to the 7 July bombings in London to launch attacks on Muslim people.

What we said in our first reaction to the bombings is now urgent: “We call on the labour movement to mobilise for physical defence wherever mosques or Muslim neighbourhoods are attacked by racists feeding on the backlash against the bombs”.

Trade union branches should contact local Muslim community groups and mosques to offer support and assistance in physical defence against the bigots.

Police hem in Gleneagles protest, 6 July

Submitted by AWL on 6 July, 2005 - 8:01

Sacha Ismail and Karen Johnson report.

On Wednesday 6 July a determined hard core from the G8 mobilisations took their message to the site of the G8 summit itself, which started that day at the Gleneagles Hotel, near the village of Auchterarder.

The police had surrounded the hotel with a huge fence, five miles long, twelve feet high. In places it was a double fence, with police, or extra fences, between the two main fences.

Australian workers mobilise against anti-union laws

Submitted by AWL on 30 June, 2005 - 6:04

Reports are still coming in, but today (30 June) there has been a massive show of union strength against the Howard Government's attacks.

Up to 120,000 in Melbourne; around 10-15,000 in Geelong; 5,000 in Adelaide; 15-20,000 in Perth; 3,000 in Hobart.

Up to 20,000 packed King George Square in Brisbane, with large contingents of 2000 or more each from the Electrical Trades Union, the AMWU, the BLF/CFMEU, and Transport Workers all marching to the square.

Karim Landais

Submitted by AWL on 29 June, 2005 - 8:36

Taking part in our international meeting on Saturday 18th June was Karim Landais. This young man worked with Yves Coleman on the magazine Ni patrie ni frontières and, unbeknownst to most of us at the meeting, he was battling with depression. A week later, on Saturday 25 June, he took his own life. This appreciation of Karim was written by Yves Coleman.

Salut, Karim !