Picket This Bigot!

Submitted by Janine on Wed, 05/09/2007 - 14:52

Comrades up in Manchester are organising a picket and counter-rally when David Coleman speaks at an event in the city on May 17 2007. Coleman - a professor at Oxford University - is a nasty piece of work, founder of the odious MigrationWatch, which poses as some kind of academic research think-tank, but is in reality simply a purveyor of hatred against immigrants and foreigners generally.

Hat tip to Bruce for these Coleman quotes:

  • “…the scale of immigration is now much greater than during any period since the Anglo-Saxon and Danish invasions of the 1st millennium, the impact of which upon the genetic structure of the population is still very evident.” (Population and Development Review, 30(4),580)
  • “Finally, in 2000 the question of ethnic replacement was raised in the national press: whether the high rates of immigration and the high level of fertility in some immigrant groups, would cause Britain to cease to be a white country, with all that would entail for cultural transformation.” (World Economics, 4/2, 83)
  • “Europeans think they know who they are and unlike (say) Australians, do not want to become something different. Post-war immigration has already turned large sections of European cities into foreign enclaves.”