Diane Abbott and the Labour leadership election

Submitted by Janine on Wed, 04/18/2007 - 21:18

Yesterday it seemed that any remaining hope that Diane Abbott MP might support John McDonnell's campaign for the Labour leadership had been extinguished. In the '60 Second Interview' in the 18 April edition of the Metro, she was asked who she supports for Labour leader and replied "Gordon without a second's hesitation".

It seems, however, that Abbott was misrepresented. She was actually asked who she preferred between Gordon Brown and David Miliband. While her answer was not a good one even to this question (why not say "Neither, thanks"?), Abbott apparently does support McDonnell and has now given his campaign a public statement to this effect. For her endorsement see here.

Abbott, who, for instance, supports East London Line privatisation, is not a serious left-winger, as some of us have been pointing out for some years now.

However, it is positive that she is supporting the McDonnell campaign.