3 May: support the SSP

By Keir Lawson, Glasgow SSP and Scottish Socialist Youth student organiser

The Scottish Socialist Party is currently in the midst of campaigning for both councillors and MSPs in the upcoming Scottish elections.

Unlike Tommy Sheridan’s Solidarity, the SSP is standing on an explicitly socialist platform, while emphasising our key demands of free public transport for all, scrapping the council tax and opposition to the occupation of Iraq.

The SSP has recovered a lot of lost ground, with the most recent national poll putting the party on 5%; retaining all our current MSPs and gaining a handful of councillors is looking to be a realistic target. To achieve this goal, however, the SSP is in need of help, both in terms of activists and funds. We are seeking solidarity from other left groups internationally.

To find out how to donate money to the SSP’s election fund, phone the SSP offices on 0141 429 6474. If you would be interested in helping out on the ground with campaigning work, we should be able to provide you with accommodation. If you are interested, contact Richie Venton on 07828 278 093 or email ssp.glasgow@btconnect.com