Mean Minister to Starve Non-English Speakers

Submitted by Janine on Tue, 02/13/2007 - 20:02

Welfare Minister Jim Murphy has announced plans to take benefits away from people who 'refuse' to learn English. It is hard to imagine a measure more mean-spirited, more inflammatory of the current wave of prejudice against immigrants and more downright hypocritical.

In the window of the Reception area of my kids' school is a notice. It regrets that the school's ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) classes have had to be cancelled due to lack of funding. The government is making massive cuts in ESOL courses, with fee rises causing a drop in enrolments.

And they have the bloody cheek to threaten to starve people who don't learn the language! Oh, and I can't help but wonder if they would support similar measures by foreign governments against British ex-pats.

I'm so glad I stood against that geezer Murphy for National Union of Students President back in 1994. It's only a pity I didn't beat him and strangle his miserable political career at birth.