Add Weight, Change Person?

Submitted by Janine on Tue, 01/16/2007 - 22:16

OK, it's the latest in my occasional series of things that really really annoy me. And the latest is ... the Weight Watchers advert currently running on TV.

And in particular, the closing scene of the bloke pushing the child on the playground swing saying with a relieved smile, "I've got back the woman I married" (or words to that effect).

Listen up, geezer, she didn't stop being the woman you married just because she put on a few pounds. Neither did she stop being the mother to that swinging child. Same person, just fatter, now thinner again.

But the slimming industry's PR department would have us believe that women (yes, this advert only talks about women) become completely different people if we digress from the standard size. Frankly, this kind of attitude is more likely to cause rather than cure eating and weight problems.

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