Bolivian peasants' struggle continues

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Below is a - translated - letter sent to me by Angel Choque, one of the most important figures in the Movimiento Sin Tierra, a movement which fights to reclaim Bolivia's land so that it can be controlled by the indigenous campesinos who work it.

Dear David,

In respect to your query about Evo and the land, we have some agreement with his policy of a new agricultural process, but it does not satisfy the basic demands for which the MST has fought during these last 5 years. Evo's land policy is only a joining-up of [existing] supreme decrees, aimed at putting into practise the existing INRA (National Institute of Agrarian Reform) policy.

He does not talk of nationalization of land, and even less of expropriation without compensation. The present law remains - this is a simple reform and nothing else, it is not an agrarian revolution - but there has to be a linking-together of structural reforms, with [more] productive infrastructure, etc.

In the face of all this, the MST is holding its third national conference this Friday - the 9th of June - in the city of Potosi. We will analyze the process and we will define our own "genuine agrarian reform from below" strategy. We already have a lot of people ready to implement it, so on the 21st and 22nd of June this year will take place [an expropriation] of a 73,000 hectare rural estate that for the last ten years has been in the hands of wood growers.

We will expel these people and from there launch our process - using guns if the groups of powerful oligarchs and the government try to repress us. We'd very much like your logistic support in this revolutionary task, which would be helpful to us - surely Evo will stand in reactionary opposition [to us],

Sadly Evo is only putting up smokescreens, and does not satisfy the demands of the independent social movements, but only MAS supporters. Always speak out about how you see the Bolivian process from the outside - you receive our greetings of solidarity in our fight, which will continue until the taking of total power.

Nobody can hold us in back in [fighting for] this task and this goal - we ask for international solidarity.

A revolutionary salute,
Angel Duran Choque
International Relations of the Movimento Sin Tierra

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