Submitted by Pete on Tue, 09/13/2005 - 17:49

In Ontario yesterday institutionalisation of Islamic arbitration courts was rejected. A decision hailed as a victory by Iranian activists, and other refugees, who have suffered from such bodies 'settling' family disputes in their original countries.

Our very own apologists for reaction Islamophobia-watch meanwhile denounce those refugee and other women activists in Canada whose protests helped prevent this state endorsement of Sharia.

Islamophobia-watch even criticises a 'right-wing Zionist'for condemning 'mainstream Jewish organisations in Ontario for their capitulation to political Islam'. Presumably Islamophobia-watch agrees with those Jewish organisations who want to recognise Sharia courts... so that they could get state endorsement of their rabbinical courts!

Has Islamophobia-watch never heard of separating church and state.

To make matters even more comic the author of the article attacks the 'bizarre sect' of the Worker Communist Party of Iran for masterminding the demos against this. Bob Pitt should know about bizarre sects but I wonder whether he has any comrades at all in Iran? Perhaps in government?