Picc fleet workers gear up for action in fight for permanent jobs

Submitted by Tubeworker on Wed, 07/12/2017 - 23:47

Picc fleet workers will commence industrial action from 25 July in their dispute to win permanent jobs and push back casualisation.

RMT members will participate in various forms of "action-short-of-strike":

<li>Overtime ban</li>
<li>Not carrying out work beyond their substantive positions and locations</li>
<li>Not deviating from current valid approved work instruction documents</li>
<li>Not deviating from current valid approved risk assessments</li>
<li>Not deviating from the latest issue of the TubeLines supplement to the LU rulebook</li>
<li>Not to work on site unless a first aider is on duty</li>
<li>Not to perform coaching and/or buddy duties</li>

In an area of the job that relies hugely on overtime, and a large amount of goodwill from staff to help out the guvnors, this action, which amounts to a comprehensive "work to rule", has the potential to seriously disrupt TubeLines/LU's functioning. Picc fleet reps are confident that this action will be even more impacting than a one or two-day strike.

Strikes, of several days if necessary, should be named if the action-short doesn't get results. In the meantime, all Picc fleet workers should gear up to work to rule.