Contrast and compare

Submitted by Matthew on 14 June, 2017 - 11:02

British Labour Party: continued pink-neoliberal policy from 1997 through to 2015, with a shade more pink from 2010. It went down from 43% of the poll in 1997 to 29% in 2010, and recovered only to 30.5% in 2015.

2017: left policy. Share of poll up to 40%, and overall turnout up to 69% (which still leaves much work to do, but...). 3.5 million extra votes gained.

French Socialist Party: continued pink-neoliberal policy. 2012: won the presidency and a parliamentary majority (with small allied parties).

2017: down to 6% of the vote in the presidential election, and 9% (with its small allies) in the legislative elections. That 9% was 9% of a record-low turnout of only 49%, so only 4.6% of the electorate.

Dutch Labour Party: continued pink-neoliberal policy. 2012: 25% of the vote, not much below its best-ever levels of around 30%. Became junior partner in a coalition government with a liberal-Tory party.

2017: 6% of the vote.