Union newsletter wins prize

Submitted by martin on 29 April, 2017 - 10:21 Author: Martin Thomas

Not many union branch newsletters typically carry articles studded with 22 reference footnotes, citing Karl Marx, Ellen Meiksins Wood, Terry Eagleton, and others, like the latest issue from the Queensland branch of the Maritime Union of Australia, which organises dockworkers and seafarers.

Articles like that one, on Work and Technology by Jeff Rickertt, are not unusual in the Queensland MUA Branch News, where they appear alongside a range of shorter articles about events, disputes, negotiations.

On 27 April 2017 the MUA Branch News won the Queensland Council of Unions' May Day award for "best union newsletter".

Announcing the award, branch secretary Bob Carnegie, a Workers' Liberty supporter, thanks contributors for their explanations of "Marxist working-class positions", and adds:

"The branch would like to thank our admin staff who assemble the articles - Carol, Maria, and especially Kerri [Bird], who deciphers some of my handwriting, is always on the lookout for items of interest, and takes a very real personal and professional interest in the branch news".

Enough of union newsletters which "talk down" to the members!