The media

Daily Mail-style democracy

Matthew Thompson

The return of the death penalty, leaving the EU, anonymity for rape defendants and restricting prisoners to bread and water. A list of Daily Mail editorials? No, the top e-petitions submitted by members of the public according to the Government.

Self-regulation of the press?

Mark Osborn

In October 1992 the Independent on Sunday (IoS) published a smear article by its then political editor Stephen Castle suggesting without evidence that sympathisers of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and other leftists had tried to rig ballots (in Sheffield) for the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party.

Take the media from the billionaires!


The scandals now unfolding are like a hidden network of wires behind plaster which, exposed by the Milly Dowler case to vigorous investigation, are being pulled on, shattering the plaster. Hidden connections are being exposed, showing the links of the Murdoch press (but surely not only the Murdoch press) to career criminals, politicians, and corrupt policemen.

The wires are still being yanked on, and there is no knowing where it will lead. Cameron is implicated — the same Cameron who a few months ago moved Lib-Dem minister Vince Cable sideways in his government because Cable had identified himself as an enemy of the Murdoch empire.

According to the former commander of the Flying Squad, John O’Connor, the
close personal and corrupt financial bonds between senior policemen and the Murdoch organisation that are now being exposed were forged in the heat of the Battle of Wapping in 1986.