Railworkers’ Pensions: revive the fight!

To understand the significance of the pensions dispute, we have to give it context. Pension provision for all workers in Britain is under sustained attack. Employers constantly announce that final-salary schemes are being closed and replaced by inferior money purchase schemes. Even these will be attacked when employers read the government’s Pensions White Paper.

Rail unions hold off from action on pensions

TSSA's ballot on action to defend railworkers’ pensions went down to a No vote. Which is probably what happens when (a) you build a union for decades on the basis of never going on strike, and (b) loads of your members are managers. RMT's ballot result, announced on 6 June, was: 16,203 for action (76.46 per cent) and 4,989 against (23.54 per cent), in a 50 per cent turnout. RMT's Executive decided not to name any strike dates. Instead, having previously rejected the “solution” of a tripartite “commission” to study the issue, it is now going along with it, albeit keeping the strike mandate 'live' and planning a series of rallies. RMT press release below.

Pensions White Paper: Government tells workers: Work Longer, Save More, Pay More Tax and Cross Your Fingers

By Mike Fenwick, UNISON

Trade union leaders in the TUC have welcomed the Government’s White Paper on pensions, published on 25 May.

Only the week before, the TUC had set out its “bottom-line” five tests for the White Paper. Even on a generous reading, the White Paper passed only one of the five tests.