Housing for the Counihans! Housing for all!

6 October, 2012 - 14:30 - 17:00

Assemble Kilburn Square, NW6


Isabel and Anthony Counihan are campaigning to be housed by Brent Council, as they have roots in the area and their five children are in Brent schools. They are currently living in temporary accommodation in Ealing. Their housing benefit is in jeopardy because they failed to declare a tiny income, £18, from a plot of land they inherited in Ireland.

The family cannot manage on Anthony’s bus driver’s wage. The government is cutting housing funding to Brent by £104 million, which will affect an estimated 60,000 people. The Counihans and their supporters are using their plight to campaign against the housing shortage more generally.

They have lobbied and briefly occupied council meetings, and held public meetings on local estates. Isabel Counihan put Brent Council leader Muhammed Butt on the spot on Saturday’s march, but he insisted that the Labour group was doing all that it could to help the family. Contact the campaign - Tel 07958 157392 (Jim), Email familyonthestreet@gmail.com.

We call on Brent Council to:

* Re-house the Counihans now!
* Provide affordable housing for all!
* Fight all government cuts in Brent!

Lambeth meeting against rent rises and privatisation

13 March, 2008 - 18:30

Assembly Halls, Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton


A public meeting for tenants and trade unionists supported by Lambeth Unison and Lambeth Defend Council Housing.