Aspland & Marcon estates

Packed Meeting Pledges to Defend Hackney Estates

Over 70 Hackney residents packed into a public meeting on Monday evening to protest against Hackney Council's plan to fragment, privatise and over-populate their estates.

I gave the opening speech, largely an updated version on this blog entry from a while back. There was then plenty of discussion, despite some rather heavy-handed chairing.

Saving Our Estates (Again)

Having saved ourselves from the wrecking ball last year, our estate - and all other estates in Hackney - now face another fight to defend the places we live. Hackney Labour has a plan for Council estates: to sell pieces of their land to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) to build new 'affordable' homes on.


by Tony Osborne, Aspland & Marcon estates

The ALMO (Arms Length Management Organisation), set up by Hackney Council to manage its housing stock, and now called Hackney Homes, ‘went live’ in April. It is supposed to deliver central government’s Decent Homes programme, and bring all Hackney Council’s housing up to a standard that is fit to live in by 2010.

Hackney Housing: news and views

ALMO is no solution

Hackney Council is pressing ahead with its Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO), despite very little support in the community.

When Hackney Solidarity asked residents of Mountford estate, we found that most people had not heard of the ALMO, and those who had knew little of the detail.

Dispersal Zone: redistributing trouble

A letter to the Hackney Gazette

I would like to draw your attention to one of the side-effects of the Acceptable Behaviour Zone (Dispersal Order) on the Pembury estate. Since it came into force, there has been a dramatic rise in harmful behaviour (eg. racist harrassment, threats of violence, damage to vehicles and community gardens) on our estates, which lie just outside the zone.