War and Terror

The “nine eleven truth” movement

By John Moeller

A meeting in the Casa, the former headquarters of striking dockworkers in Liverpool. Nowadays it is the usual location for left wing events in town. The hall is so crowded that some listeners have to stay outside in the corridor. It might be triple the size of a normal lefty audience. Who has attracted this many people? It’s Mr David Shayler.

Lenin and the War in China

In this small article Lenin discusses the role of Russia and other European powers in China Lenin – “The War in China”. Changing what has to be changed, for example, bringing democracy rather than bringing Christianity, fighting insurgents and terrorists rather than rebels Lenin's article could today have been written by him about the involvement of the US and Uk in Iraq. His article also discusses the effect such actions have on the working classes of the countries involved in ways that are again familiar today. For example, he discusses the restrictions placed on workers similar to the way the "War on Terror" has been used to restrict Civil Liberties etc., he talks of the use of press stories attacking Chinese people, in the same way that the press today attack Muslims.

US Already Attacking Iran From Iraq

In an interview just aired on CNN Wolf Blitzer spoke to the respected US columnist Seymour Hersh of the "New Yorker". Hersh says that the US is already launching attacks on Iran from across the Iraqi border by Special Forces. Hersh also claims that the US has now changed tack in relation to Iran. Where previously the focus was on taking out Iranian nuclear facilities, the US is now looking to take out those Iranian facilities providing support for Shia groups inside Iraq.

We fought the law and... eh... we won?: Fairford coaches appeal victory

http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2006/12/358267.html reports:
"For what it's worth, the Law Lords have upheld the claim by the Fairford coaches passengers that the right to 'freedom of expression and lawful assembly' were violated when the filth turned back coaches and forced their return to London during an anti war demonstration at RAF Fairford."

An open letter to a demonstrator against the war on Lebanon

Stop the slaughter!
Israel out of Lebanon!
Stop rocket attacks on Israeli civilians!

This is a demonstration against Israel and the USA. We are together here because we oppose the policy and "strategy" of Bush and Blair... most of the ideas and more or less all of the policies advocated by the leaders of the ‘Stop the War Coalition’ make no sense... You hold to some or all of the following ideas.