'No Sweat' events

No Sweat conference

By Alison Brown

150 anti-sweatshop activists met in Sheffield on 29-30 November to debate, discuss and consider future campaigning priorities.

Students and trade unionists listened as Mick Duncan from No Sweat and Neil Kearney, a leader of the international garment workers' union, ITGFWU, opened the event. Mick stressed the need to build campaigning unity between the trade union movement and anti-capitalist youth and students. Mick advocated a sharp, clear focus on working class self-organisation and support for international workers' struggles.

I love Paris in the autumn

By Mick Duncan

In between marching, trying out the cheapest wine on sale and getting lost, No Sweat participated in two sessions at the European Social Forum (12-15 November).

The first was organised by the Clean Clothes Campaign on codes of conduct and corporate responsibility. The seminar was in three parts, with academics, campaigners and trade unionists on the panel. No Sweat tried to appeal to the newly enlightened audience to get active in taking on sweatshop exploitation and to support the Tarrant workers, still sacked and blacklisted in Mexico.

Come to the No Sweat Conference!

By Mark Osborn

A key question of the 21st century is how the unity of activists and trade unionists across national frontiers can be forged. Capital is well organised and protected. How can we be better organised?

And how can the left help the new labour movements in countries like China build?

The No Sweat conference in Sheffield, over the weekend of 29-30 November, will be a good place for activists to take stock of our achievements, swap ideas, debate and plan future activities. It is an arena where trade unionists and anti-capitalist young people can meet up with environmentalists and anti-sweatshop camapigners. You must be there.

No Sweat Conference 2003

Welcome to globalisation
No Sweat Conference 2003
Saturday 29-Sunday 30 November
University of Sheffield Students' Union

Workshops, discussions, films, debates on Saturday
Training workshops on Sunday
Top benefit on Saturday