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Fair Trade Fashion

Over 100 people packed into Durham Town Hall on Friday 18 June for the latest Fair Trade Fashion Show. The event was organised by Durham University anti-sweat shop campaign, an activist group which works to raise awareness of the realities of sweatshops and support alternatives.

North London 'No Sweat' launch

A meeting on Thursday 18 March will launch a new North London 'No Sweat' campaigning group.

The meeting will hear Ewa Jasiewicz report on her nine-month visit to Iraq, and will decide on plans to step up local anti-sweatshop campaigning.

You can read more about it below, and you can view and download a PDF leaflet for the event here.

International women's day, 8 March. Don't take the Mickey!

By Mick Duncan

Anti-sweatshop activists are targeting Disney to mark International Women' Day on 8 March. Women' Day is a chance to show solidarity with women workers across the world -and what better way than to highlight the plight of many tens of thousands of women workers who slave for Mickey Mouse?

Ban the brands from our schools!

By Peter Burton, Edinburgh No Sweat

In the last year Edinburgh City Council has let the sweatshop manufacturer Adidas use our schools to promote their brand name.

Some of us don't appreciate our children being influenced in this way and we don't like sweatshop employers, guilty of routinely paying poverty wages (sometime to children), passing themselves off as people whose first concern is a person's welfare.