'No Sweat' events

No Sweat conference: sweatshops, workers, and international solidarity

26 November, 2005 - 12:00

SOAS, Thornhaugh St, London WC1.


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12.15 - 12.45: Plenary, Main hall.

Trade Justice, workers rights

Billy Hayes (CWU), Mick Duncan (No Sweat), Euripedes Yance (Colombian Coke worker, Sinaltrainal)

1.30 - 2.40 Workshops (1)

Main hall: Bolivian Gas Wars, speaker from Bolivia Solidarity Campaign plus film, 'Basta!'

Mtg Rm 1: Debate on Venezuela: "Chavez, friend or foe of Venezuelan workers?" Paul Hampton (No Sweat) and Rob Sewell (Hands off Venezuela)

Mtg Rm 2: Africa after the G8: Explo Nani Kofi, Saikou Samateh plus WDM on water privatisation

2.50 - 4.00 Workshops (2)

Main hall: Section of Naomi Klein's new film, The Take, on Argentina after 2001. Plus Alejandra Crosta from the Argentina Solidarity Campaign

Mtg Rm 1: The practices of the supermarket chains. Focus on Wal Mart and Tesco. War on Want and Tescopoly

Mtg Rm 2: Organising migrant workers: Justice for Janitors organiser, Valery Alzaga (SEIU, US), and a TGWU steward

4.10 - 5.10 Workshops (3)

Sweatshop practices of the Arcadia group. Martin Hearson (Labour Behind the Label)

Mtg Rm 1: Students: organising session for campus week of action (11-18 Feb 06), Living wage campaign on campuses. Dan Randall, P&P plus Matt Bolton from TELCO/London Citizens

Mtg Rm 2: debate on the G8 mobilisations and after: where now for activists? discussion with Martin Ohr (No Sweat), The Wombles and others

5.20 - 5.40 Closing plenary. Main Hall

Workers in Middle East: Yahaya al Alfaifi (Saudi Trade Unionist), and Houzan Mahmoud (Iraqi Federation of Workers' Councils)

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