The workers or “the people”?

By Chris Reynolds

Why should Marxists want to narrow our appeal to “the workers”, enrolling people from other classes only to the extent that they rally behind the working class? Why not seek a broader unity of “ordinary people”? These questions are live among “anti-capitalist” activists, and on the left generally.

Fundamental developments in the labour movement in Iran -Askar Karimi

Fundamental developments in the labour movement in Iran
Asqar Karimi

Important developments are taking place in the labour movement in Iran, including a new wave of strikes and solidarity actions with a more radical and assertive working class coming to the fore of the political scene in Iran in the past year. This powerful movement deserves recognition and support.

Will profit wreck the Earth?

In January the International Climate Change Taskforce Report concluded that drastic action was necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stave off immensely damaging and irreversible climate change. On 16 February the Kyoto Protocol on limiting emissions came into operation. We asked environmental campaigners for their evaluations and for their thoughts on alternative energy sources and use.

Debate and Discussion: Fairtrade - Rehearse our scripts!

I’m convinced by Paul Hampton’s argument about the ineffectiveness of Fairtrade as a way to tackle sweatshops (Solidarity, 3/64).

I also find the Fairtrade approach distasteful: it emphasises what is different between people in the developed world and people in the third world over what we have in common. From our end, it sounds like “what can I, who have so much (including a fearful chocolate addiction), do for you, who have so little (no shoes on your feet, no roof over your head, and dirty, illiterate children)?”