Fighting anti-semitism

A memoir of Auschwitz and Birkenau

Why is there any need to publish a memoir of the Holocaust? Who but a few on the fringes of society deny the genocide happened? The reason to publish is because a significant section of the left has twisted its solidarity with the oppressed into de facto support for organisations who deny that the Holocaust happened.

Livingstone and the “Concentration Camp Guard”

...To go from vaguely calling Finegold a “German war criminal” when he thought he was a mere employee of the Evening Standard, to pointedly comparing him with a Nazi concentration camp guard when he learned that he is Jewish, does exhibit the typical pseudo-left reflex of identifying Israelis or Jews whose politics or activities you don’t like with some aspect of Nazism. The impulse is to hurt, wound, kick in the crotch.... By John O'Mahony

Tamimi's poisonous pro-Hamas rant at StW

People may have heard about Tamimi's rant about Israel at the Stop the War rally in London last week. Now you can see it, just in case anyone is any doubt that the StWC can do nothing but harm the creation of a real mass, progressive campaign against the present Israeli onslaught on the Palestinians and Lebanese people.

A real rise of anti-semitism

On the final day of NUS conference, the two Union of Jewish Students members on NUS national executive, Luciana Berger and Mitch Simmons, resigned in protest at the NUS leadership’s failure to stand up to growing anti-semitism in the student movement. In addition to the Executive’s lack of response to a variety of anti-semitic comments and incidents over the last year, they might also have cited the political capitulation in search of votes, by NUS President Kat Fletcher and her allies to the MAB-supporting leadership of FOSIS. Yet their resignation statement met with scoffs from all parts of the political spectrum.