Unison and the Histadrut

A Unison activist

On 22 June 2011, Unison National Delegate Conference voted against a policy of “critical engagement” with the mass Israeli trade union federation, the Histadrut. The effect of this vote is to suspend relations with Histadrut pending a review and further recommendations next year.

Editorials: Israel-Palestine, 2 nations 2 states; industrial fightback; USSR moves towards pulling out of Afghanistan


The insurgent Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank are now teaching the people of Israel that Karl Marx was right when he wrote that "a nation which enslaves another can never itself be free". The first intifada started in December 1987.

Nurses began strike action in January 1988, the first big industrial flare-up since the defeat of the miners' strike in 1985.

After eight years of unsuccessful efforts to crush the peoples of Afghanistan, the government of the USSR started talking openly about withdrawing from Afghanistan.

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