New stage in Palestinian workers' strike at Salit


After two and half months of striking at the Salit Quarry, we are approaching a critical juncture. On Monday August 29th the Jerusalem District Court held a session to discuss a request from Salit Quarry to appoint a lawyer as a Trustee for the Quarry in order to protect it from the banks and other creditors whose bills have not been paid.

Israeli reactionaries gain from Islamist attack

Dan Katz

This week the Palestinians

Asked the UN

For recognition of

The State of Palestine.

They will not be put off

With crumbs.

This week the Israeli

Social protest leaders

Formed a

Committee of experts

To pursue their demand

For an Israeli welfare state.

They will not be put off

With crumbs.

Netanyahu has nothing to offer

To either of them.

(Advert placed in the Israeli paper Ha’aretz, by the Israeli left-wing peace campaign Gush Shalom)