Islamists push forward in Egypt

Clive Bradley

On 1 September, several secular opposition leaders in Egypt, including Mohammed al Baradei and Hamdeen Sabbahi, the Nasserist politician who came third in the presidential election, declared a new coalition to oppose the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Freedom and Justice Party” [FJP] in new parliamentary elections.

Socialists and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: a dialogue

Mark Osborn

Last week AWL activists leafleted SWP meetings to try to engage SWP members over their organisations support for a vote for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian presidential elections.

Generally we found SWP members unwilling even to take our leaflet, never mind read it and discuss. If a debate had actually taken place it might have looked like this.

The "Arab Spring", political Islam and the counter-revolution (Marxism 2012 fringe meeting)

8 July, 2012 - 17:15 - 19:00

Room G07, Chadwick building, University College London, Gower Street (go through main entrance and turn right)


Facebook event

A fringe meeting at "Marxism 2012", sponsored by Workers' Liberty and the Iranian Revolutionary Marxists' Tendency

From Egypt to Syria to Iran, what is the role of political Islam in the North African and Middle Eastern revolutions, and how should socialists relate to it?

In Egypt, the military is cracking down, has annulled parliamentary election results and, despite acknowledging the Muslim Brotherhood's presidential election victory, will still retain huge power. Does opposition to the military imply support for the the Muslim Brotherhood? Why did the SWP advocate a vote for the Brotherhood's presidential candidate, Muhammad Morsi - the candidate of a party that is reactionary and theocratic, as well as straightforwardly neoliberal and anti-working class?

We believe the SWP's attitude to political Islam is deeply misguided. In Iran after the revolution of 1978-79, a similar attitude on the part of socialists led to disaster. Come and discuss the issues, and how we can build support for independent working-class forces in the region.