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Clive Bradley reviews Ten, directed by Abbas Kiarostami

Iranian films have dominated art house circles internationally for a number of years, now. Unlike the high-octane, visceral energy of the so-called Latin American renaissance, these often award-winning films tend to be small in scope, personal in focus, and “slow” by Hollywood standards. With Ten, Abbas Kiarostami, whose work usually deals with the blurred lines of reality and fiction, has made more or less the archetype of this style of film making. The entire feature-length movie takes place in the front seat of a car.

Iranian students fight for freedom AWL Sun, 12/08/2002 - 22:02

By Yassmine Mather

Iranian students have called for a rally against "despotism and outdated concepts of religion" this Saturday despite a government ban on all student demonstrations. Tehran university students have said they want to press on with a rally to mark national student day on 7 December.
The day marks events in the bloody 1953 repression of student protests, when during demonstrations against a visit by then-US vice-president Richard Nixon (a guest of the late Shah) three students were killed.

Solidarity with Iranian students AWL Mon, 11/25/2002 - 15:21

Women fighting fundamentalism

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It took an atrocity thousands of miles away to draw the world's attention to the plight of women under the Taliban. The most extreme anti-woman regime in the world was helped to power by US arms and training, and tolerated for 5 years. When it came into conflict with the US, suddenly its treatment of women was condemned. The danger is, with Afghanistan 'sorted', women's rights fall off the agenda, and vicious anti-women regimes, on which the Taliban modelled themselves, flourish.