Free jailed Iranian trade unionists!

Submitted by cathy n on 18 May, 2015 - 1:34 Author: Gemma Short

On April 19 Ali-Reza Hashemi, the General Secretary of the Iranian Teachers' Organisation, was arrested and taken to Evin prison.

Teachers' in Iran have been fighting against low pay and pay disparity. On April 16 teachers demonstrated outside Educational Ministry buildings across Iran. In 2010 Hashemi was sentenced to five years in prison in 2010 for “pursuing [teachers’] trade demands” and “meeting the families of imprisoned teachers” Hashemi was also charged with “gathering and collusion to disrupt national security” and “propaganda against the system”.

Iran: the deal and the prospects

Submitted by Matthew on 8 April, 2015 - 10:28 Author: Colin Foster

On 2 April, in Lausanne, the USA, the EU, other diplomats, and Iran announced a deal to limit Iran’s nuclear programme and in return to lift economic sanctions against Iran.

In Iran, people took to the streets to celebrate. Business moguls worldwide celebrated more quietly about the prospect of new access to Iran’s oil and gas wealth and its markets.

The deal is said to include severe cuts in Iran’s nuclear programme but to open the door for sanctions, which have boosted increasing economic chaos in Iran, to end within six months or a year.

Iranian teachers fight poverty pay

Submitted by Matthew on 11 March, 2015 - 11:57 Author: Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network

Earlier this month, as part of a two-month-long campaign against low pay and pay disparity, hundreds of teachers protested outside the Iranian regime’s “parliament”.

In addition 600 teachers in Tehran, thousands more demonstrated in provinces throughout Iran.

Free Shahrokh Zamani and Reza Shahabi! Matthew Wed, 01/14/2015 - 12:48

On Saturday 10 January over forty people came to hear poets speak out for Shahrokh and Reza and a fundraising gig.

The gig raised £200 for legal defence funds for jailed Iranian trade unionists as well as attendees taking away petitions to gather signatures. Morad Shirin of the Iranian Workers Solidarity Network spoke about the situation for Shahrokh and Reza as well as for the Iranian working class generally, and poet Janine Booth performed a sonnet for Shahrokh and Reza.

Iranian workers protest Matthew Wed, 11/26/2014 - 11:50

On Sunday, November 16, 1000 construction workers protested outside the Iranian regime’s “parliament”.

Solidarity with Iranian women facing attack!

Submitted by Matthew on 5 November, 2014 - 10:50

Women in the central Iranian city of Isfahan have been attacked with acid because of the way they were dressed.

The official press reports four women were attacked, but some put the number as high as 15.

This attack comes as Iranian government is discussing measures to address “bad hijab”. Proposals would give confidence to the “morality police” and encourage semi-official militias to harass women.

Trade unionism should not be a crime Matthew Sat, 10/25/2014 - 13:20

Shahrokh Zamani and Reza Shahabi are just two of many who are in Iranian jails, locked up by the government for organising independent trade unions and workers’ organisations.

Whilst trade unions are not technically illegal under Iranian law, state sponsored unions are used to quash independent unions. Activists like Shahrokh and Reza are charged with offences such as “propaganda against the state” and “acting against national security by establishing or membership of groups opposed to the system.”

Help the Kurds against ISIS! Matthew Wed, 10/15/2014 - 12:04

Kurds and their supporters demand that the Kurdish Peshmerga, YPG (People’s Protection Units) and other militia be armed with heavy weapons, armour-piercing bullets and tanks in order to resist the ISIS ultra-Islamists who threaten them with massacre in Kobane (near Syria's border with Turkey) and elsewhere.


Submitted by cathy n on 19 September, 2014 - 11:47

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