1917-2017: Ideas for Freedom

1917-2017: Ideas for Freedom
1-2 July 2017

A festival of socialist ideas and leftwing discussion, hosted by Workers' Liberty, Ideas for Freedom is an opportunity to explore, through talks, film showings, workshops and debates, ideas about how our world works, and how we can fight for a better one.

This year the event will be themed around the lessons of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and what the blow struck for freedom by Russian workers a hundred years ago can teach us today.

We will be holding a whole four days activities for you to get involved in. We kick of the event with our now famous walking tour on the evening of Thursday 29 June. Friday night will be our big evening opening debate. Saturday and Sunday will be days of debate, discussion, film showings, workshops and exhibitions.


Russian revolution
February to October 1917: the story of a revolution; The Russian Revolution and art; The party of victory with Paul Vernadsky author of The Russian Revolution: when workers took power; 1917: the festival of the oppressed; What is a revolution?; The fate of the Russian Revolution: the shadow of Stalinism

Our history
Taksim 1977: A history of Turkish workers′ struggle with socialists from Turkey; Chartism: 150 years since the Second Reform Act with socialist historian Keith Flett; 50 years since decriminalisation: reform and revolution in LGBT struggles; The battle of Lewisham, 1977; 1967-2017: fighting for abortion rights worldwide with speakers from the Polish women′s strike and Repeal the 8th Irish abortion rights campaign; The home front: The Domestic Workers′ Union of Great Britain and Ireland 1908–14; Bottom rail on top: Radical Reconstruction and the US Civil War; 150 years of Capital; 500 years of the Reformation with Catherine Fletcher author of The Black Prince of Florence.

Whose future?
Is automation making us free?; Trump and class struggle in America; Europe′s far right on the march with Yves Coleman editor of Ni patries, ni frontères; Picturehouse strikes and the new New Unionism; Is neoliberalism dead?; Perspectives for Irish politics and the role of the Republican movement in history with Ruth Dudley-Edwards, Donnacha Kirk and Liam McNulty; Breaking the chains: fighting the Trade Union Act with Gregor Gall author of Bob Crow: Socialist, leader, fighter: a political biography

Antisemitism and the left with Bob Fine co-author of Antisemitism and the Left: The Recurrence of the Jewish Question; Narratives of resistance: the politics of grime with Dr Joy White; Nationalise the big six; Poetry in struggle; What is imperialism?; Socialism and democracy; General Election 2017: Where next for the Labour Party?

& More to be announced

Venue, accommodation, creche
Exact venue for all parts of the event to be confirmed but will be in central London.

Free accommodation is provided with comrades who live in London. Please help us organise this by sending an email to office@workersliberty.org with the title "IFF accommodation" and telling us what nights you will need, how many people, and whether you have any specific requirements (i.e. no stairs, need a bed, fine with floor/sofa, no late nights etc.).

A free creche is provided during the weekend, and additional childcare can be arranged on Thursday and Friday nights if needed. Please book a place by emailing office@workersliberty.org