Changing Labour, Changing Politics: Ideas for Freedom 2016

Ideas for Freedom is the annual weekend of socialist education, discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty from the 7th to 10th of July. Student Central, Malet St, London WC1E 7HX:

The main theme of this year's event, Changing Labour, Changing Politics will be visions of and ideas about rebuilding the labour movement and renewing socialist ideas in the wake of election of a new leadership to the Labour Party.


Super early-bird weekend tickets bought before 2 May are £30 waged, £15 low-waged/university students, £7 unwaged/school or college students.
Tickets bought before 17 June are £34 waged, £16 low-waged/university student and £7 unwaged/school student. Tickets bought before the event are £38 waged, £18 low-waged/university student and £7 unwaged/school student. Tickets on the door will be more expensive.
Tickets for the Thursday or Friday evening events are £5; if you decide to come to the rest of the event you get a £5 discount on tickets.
Day tickets will also be available

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What's on?

Thursday night: Walking with Minnie
A radical walking tour around London's East End, following the footsteps of Minnie Lansbury, socialist suffragette, teacher trade unionist, and leader of the Poplar Rates Rebellion.

Friday night: What is the future of the Labour Party? The left debates John McTernan
Tony Blair's former special adviser debates Jill Mountford of the Momentum Steering Committee on the future of Labour. Chaired by Jon Lansman of Momentum.

Weekend sessions:

Marxism and Autism with Janine Booth, Chair, TUC Disabled Workers' Committee and author of Autism Equality in the Workplace; and Dr Dinah Murray

Did the Grunwick strike change the labour movement for black and and migrant workers? With speakers from the Grunwick 40 campaign and others

Introduction to the Iranian Revolution, with Morad Shirin from the Iranian Workers′ Solidarity Network

New unionism: organising the unorganised

Should we renew Trident? Workers′ Liberty debates Luke Akehurst, Labour First

Changing labour: Work in global capitalism - with Professor Ursula Huws, author of Labor in the Global Digital Economy

Cath Fletcher, author of The Black Prince of Florence, on the themes of her new book

From Chartism to the Labour Representation Committee: Sam Greenwood of Workers' Liberty traces the development of workers' movements in Britain from the 1830s to the foundation of the Labour Party

The fight for free speech around the world with Gita Sahgal (Centre for Secular Space(, and Melanie Gingell, lawyer involved in the Free Raif Badawi campaign

Fighting for reproductive rights, with Feminist Fightback and Ana Oppenheim, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

How do we change the Labour Party? with Ian Hodson, President of the Bakers, Food, and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU); Jon Lansman, Momentum; Pete Radcliff, Broxtowe CLP; more speakers TBA

How the Labour left organised in the past: the story of The Rank-and-File Mobilising Committee, with John Bloxam

The struggle for LGBT rights in the labour movement, with Peter Tatchell and Maria Exall

100 years since the Easter Rising with Liam McNulty and James Heartfield

Professor Keith Laybourn on the 1926 general strike
50 years since the foundation of the AWL, with Sean Matgamna

Can religion play a progressive role in politics? With Maryam Namazie (Worker-Communist Party of Iran) and Kate Harris (Workers' Liberty), more speakers TBA

The fight for disability rights, with Paula Peters, Disabled People Against Cuts; Mandy Hudson, National Union of Teachers Executive disability rep; and Janine Booth

Anti-semitism, anti-zionism and the left with David Rosenberg, Jewish Socialists Group; Daniel Randall, Workers' Liberty; and Hannah Weisfeld, Yachad

Fighting for solidarity across Europe

How inequality is killing us with Professor Danny Dorling and Ellie Clarke

The politics of crime dramas, with Clive Bradley (writer of the BBC’s Trapped)

Social reproduction and women's liberation, with Cathy Nugent

Hungary 1956, with Matt Cooper

The story behind the junior doctors strike, with Dr Yannis Gourtsoyannis (BMA Junior Doctors' Committee), and other health activists

Saturday night social: The Grunwick strike, 40 years on - with a film showing and presentation from the Grunwick 40 campaign, plus memories from attendees at the pickets