Imagining the Future: Ideas for Freedom 2015

Come and imagine the future!

Ideas for Freedom is the annual weekend of socialist education, discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty from the 2nd - 5th of July. mostly in the main building of Birkbeck, University of London, Malet St, London WC1E 7HX: for maps click here or click here.

The main theme of this year's event, titled Imagining the Future, will be visions of and ideas about a post-capitalist, egalitarian, liberated future - and how to fight for it.

Weekend tickets bought before 13 June are £33 waged, £17 low-waged/university students, £6 unwaged/school or college students.
Weekend tickets bought before the event are £35 wages, £18 low-waged/university students, £6 unwaged/school or college students.
Tickets for the Thursday or Friday evening events are £5, if you decide to come to the rest of the event you get a £5 discount on tickets.
Day tickets will be available soon.

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6pm Walking with Sylvia – a radical walking tour of East London in the footsteps of communist feminist Sylvia Pankhurst. Meet at Bow Church DLR station at 6pm: look for the red flag. Facebook event


1pm Picnic and films in South London – meet at New Cross Gate station
7pm “Love thy neighbour or class struggle?” - Socialists debate the Bishop of Manchester. At University of the Arts, 272 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EY
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10.45 Registration opens, at Birkbeck University, Malet St, London WC1E 7HX.

12 Opening plenary: Imagining the Future, with Martin Thomas (Workers' Liberty), Ruth Cashman (Workers' Liberty and Unison activist) and Gemma Short (Workers' Liberty)

1.20 Lunch

1.50 Assaf Adiv from the Workers' Advice Centre/MAAN trade union in Israel speaks on “Arab and Jewish workers together, against the bosses, against the occupation”

3.10 Workshops
i. A History of the Future with Richard Barbrook, author of Imaginary Futures
ii. If workers ran the rails: what would workers' control of transport look like?, with Janine Booth (Tube worker and RMT activist) and Herman Rosenfeld (Toronto-based socialist and transport trade unionist)
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iii. Socialism, feminism and secularism with Algerian feminist Marieme Helie Lucas
iv. Turin 1919-20 and the seizure of the factories, with Becky Crocker and Martin Thomas
v. Climate Change and class struggle, with Paul Hampton

4.35 Break

5 Workshops
i. Should socialists back Scottish independence? Stan Crooke, AWL, debates Cailean Gallagher, socialist blogger
ii. Capitalist futures, with Martin Thomas
iii. Anti-semitism and anti-Muslim racism in Europe, with Yves Coleman, Ni Patrie, ni frontieres journal
iv. Socialism,Utopian and Scientific, with Stuart Jordan
v. How to jump-start your union: with Gemma Short

6.25 Break

6.35 Workshops
i. Does socialism have a future? Free-market academic Dr John Meadowcroft debates Ruth Cashman, AWL and Unison activist
ii. Visions of the future in Film and TV, with Dan Higginbottom and screenwriter Clive Bradley
iii. The social strike: a discussion with Plan C comrades
iv. “Hell no, we won't go”: the fight against the Vietnam war in the USA, with Stephen Wood
v. Trotsky’s bridge to the future: “the transitional programme”, with Liam Conway

From 8.15 Fundraiser for Rainbow International LGBT Activist Solidarity Fund at the Union Tavern, 52 Lloyd Baker Street, WC1X 9AA

10 Workshops
i. Should socialists be for withdrawal from Europe? Debate with Vicki Morris (Workers' Liberty, Labour Representation Committee NC) and Michael Calderbank (LRC NC, Red Pepper editor, trade union researcher in Parliament)
Facebook event
ii. Thomas More's Utopia and Tudor Britain, with Cath Fletcher, historical advisor to the BBC's Wolf Hall
iii. What would a democratic education system look like? With teachers and NUT activists Kate Harris and Jade Baker
iv. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership election, with Maria Exall, Sacha Ismail and a speaker from the Corbyn for Leader campaign

12 Lunch

12.55 Workshops
i. The End of work? Technology and the future of socialism – Nick Srnicek (author of Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work), Aaron Bastani (Novara Media) and Bruce Robinson (AWL)
ii. The Vietnamese Trotskyists - with Omar Raii
iii. The Conquest of Bread, with Daniel Randall
iv. Climate change and the future of energy, with Dave Elliott, author of The Lucas Plan, and Dave Kirk, energy worker
v. The Awami Workers' Party and class struggles in Pakistan, with Rehan Khushi, AWP

2.20 Break

2.30 Workshops
i. Trotskyism, past, present and future – Sean Matgamna
ii. The far left in Northern Ireland. with Marc Mulholland and Liam McNulty
iii. 1915: How revolutionary women opposed the First World War, with Jill Mountford
iv. What would socialist America look like? With Elaine Johnson
v. Old and New Directions in socialist feminism – with Cathy Nugent

4 Closing plenary

4.30 Close
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