Socialism Makes Sense: Ideas for Freedom 2018

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Socialism Makes Sense: Ideas for Freedom 2018
21-24 June 2018
Central London

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Around the world, socialism is on the agenda.

In the UK, the Labour Party – now the biggest political party in Europe – is led by a self-proclaimed socialist.

In the USA, the movement around Bernie Sanders has made “socialism” the most-searched word in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and inspired a generation of new leftwing activists.

But how can we make the leap from worldwide interest in an idea to making it a reality?

Can socialism work, and how can we get there?

A festival of socialist ideas and leftwing discussion, hosted by Workers' Liberty, Ideas for Freedom is an opportunity to explore, through talks, film showings, workshops and debates, ideas about how our world works, and how we can fight for a better one.

We will be holding a whole four days activities for you to get involved in. We kick of the event with a walking tour on the evening of Thursday 21 June to celebrate the history of the working-class Suffragettes of East London. Friday night will be our big evening opening debate. Saturday and Sunday will be days of debate, discussion, film showings, workshops and exhibitions.



Thursday evening
This year our Thursday evening walking tour with return with a Suffragette theme for the 100 anniversary of the vote being won for some women. Watch this space for more details.

Friday evening debate
We are very excited to announce that this year's Friday night debate will be "Socialism versus Capitalism" and we will be debating the Institute for Economic Affairs. Watch this space for more details.

Saturday and Sunday
Agenda announcements for the weekend event will be coming soon. Watch this space!

Venue, accommodation, creche

Free accommodation is provided with comrades who live in London. Please help us organise this by sending an email to with the title "IFF accommodation" and telling us what nights you will need, how many people, and whether you have any specific requirements (i.e. no stairs, need a bed, fine with floor/sofa, no late nights etc.).

A free creche is provided during the weekend, and additional childcare can be arranged on Thursday and Friday nights if needed. Please book a place by emailing

Workers' Liberty is committed to holding accessible events. The venue for Saturday and Sunday daytime is step-free and has accessible toilets. More details will be confirmed when we have them. Please get in touch if you have specific requirements that we could factor into our planning.