Imagining the Future: Ideas for Freedom 2015

Ideas for Freedom is the annual weekend of socialist education, discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty from the 2nd - 5th of July at Birkbeck University.

The main theme of the event will be visions of and ideas about a post-capitalist, egalitarian, liberated future - and how to fight for it.

Weekend tickets bought before 13 June are £33 waged, £17 low-waged/university students, £6 unwaged/school or college students.

Sessions include:

  • Friday night debate with the Bishop of Manchester – Love they neighbour or class struggle?
  • Technology – the end of work? With Aaron Bastani, Bruce Robinson and Nick Srnicek.
  • If workers ran the railways With transport workers from London and Toronto
  • Secularism feminism and socialism with Algerian socialist and author Marieme Hellie Lucas
  • Climate change: future of energy Dave Elliot, author and engineer involved in the Lucas Plan
  • Thomas Moore's Utopia With Workers' Liberty member Cath Fletcher
  • Stuart Jordan will take us through Engels’s Socialism, Utopian and Scientific
  • Sean Matgamna will speak on Trotskyism Past, Present and Future
  • A session on the Russian revolutionary Trotsky Bridge to the future
  • Daniel Randall will lead a discussion on the classic anarchist book The Conquest of Bread
  • A workshop on American socialist James Cannon’s famous lectures on America’s Road to Socialism

    Plus social events on Friday and Saturday night.

    ..and more to be announced!

    Facebook event here.

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    Report etc of IFF 2013 here.

    Buy your tickets here now. Early bird tickets online available until May 1st!