Support sacked trade union reps at Picturehouse cinemas.
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For the Tories in office to take a skewed snapshot vote and interpret it as a blank cheque for their policies is not democracy.
At its annual summer event, the SWP is presenting itself as a sort of fifth wheel of Corbynism, supposedly with special skills for demonstrations and strikes
The bulk of Labour members are very likely in favour of free movement yet this has not found expression in the hierarchy or public position of the party.
Picturehouse is trying to victimise trade union reps at the Ritzy cinema, Brixton.
The latest edition of Tubeworker, an industrial bulletin for London Underground workers, by London Underground workers.
Rail workers on Southern, Northern, and MerseyRail will strike again in July.
Labour in Scotland has failed to exploit Labour's general renewal.
The SWP and Scottish Socialist Party said Labour was finished and decided to tail-end Scottish nationalism...
The fire at Grenfell Tower has exposed inequality in housing and exploded the narrative that “we’re all in this together”. The class divide exists. It kills people.
Violence against Muslims is something that the mainstream tabloid press helps to stir up — most insidiously, the idea that all Muslims have a special responsibility to sort out Islamist terrorists.


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Battle of Ideas

An examination of the role of a Marxist “Fighting Educationalist Group” in the class struggle and in the transformation of existing labour movements.
Review of The Left in Disarray, by Sean Matgamna, published June 2017
The introduction from a new book about the left by Sean Matgamna.
Bob Carnegie has been active on the left and in the labour movement in Brisbane, Australia, for nearly four decades.
The story of how the British revolutionary left went from an independent working-class stance to accommodation with chauvinism
Report of Conference of the Socialist Movement for the United States of Europe, 1949.
Why "the Bolsheviks should have been more democratic" is beside the mark as an explanation for the Stalinist counter-revolution in Russia
Jeremy Corbyn has said that empty properties owned by the rich should be requisitioned or occupied for the homeless
A survey of the history of the Labour Party - and of Marxists' efforts in relation to it - up to the eve of Tony Blair taking office and dramatically restructuring the party, in 1997.
The election result opens up new chances to instil socialist purpose in the labour movement, but it is down to us to do the instilling: it is not happening automatically or organically.
Retelling the story of the Russian Revolution and its degeneration, and the Marxist analysis, in the light of recent research. Buy online here.
A critical survey of the Labour Left in the 1980s, written in July 1990, when the Labour Party banned Solidarity's predecessor, Socialist Organiser.
The idea that more police is any kind of answer to the social decay, atomisation and despair in which Islamism as well as nationalism have grown is wrong.
Venezuela was never a socialist alternative and the unravelling of its modest reforms has punctured its radical and “anti-imperialist” pretensions.
The American Journalist John Reed describes what happened in the Russian workers revolution of 1917 and after.
Reports, and debate on the second round
Racist antisemitism has been a shocking feature of debates among leftists over the removal of Jackie Walker as Vice-Chair of Momentum.
Revised version of an article published as "Marxism and the Jewish Question" in "Two Nations, Two States"
The Ken Livingstone affair focuses attention on one of the major problems inside the left.
Ken Livingstone keeps on demonising Zionism as hand-in-glove with, or favoured by, Hitler. Dale Street examines the historical record.
The AWL's take on the Labour Party's suspension of Ken Livingstone from the right to hold office for a year.
Edited and reworked version of articles which first appeared in Solidarity 3/63 to 3/65, 2 December 2004 to 20 January 2005, in response to polemics in favour of critical support for the USA in Iraq
How Ireland became "Irish"
Edited version of an article from a debate with Barry Finger about slogans in relation to Iraq.
Liam Daltun's account in a letter to Sean Matgamna of the dispute in the Irish Communist Group in 1965.
Free Speech on Israel campaign selectively quote historian Francis Nicosia in defence of Livingstone's comments on Zionism and Nazi Germany. This contradicts Nicosia's basic argument that German antisemites were hostile to Zionism.
McGuinness had talent and he had guts. What he didn't have was a strategy that could win a united Ireland.
Review of “The Battle of Grangemouth – A Worker’s Story”, by former Ineos convenor Mark Lyon


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The left needs to emerge from defining itself primarily in a negative and reactive way, and rediscover what, positively, the real left must be for. Buy online here!

The Fate of the Russian Revolution

By the end of his life, there were different and conflicting strands in Trotsky's political thought. In World War 2 "Orthodox" Trotskyism built on one strand at the cost of screening out more fundamental ideas.
Reviews and comments on the book by Paul Hampton, Paul Le Blanc, Ed Strauss, Ed Maltby, Andrew Coates, Herman Benson, Robert Fine, Steve Bloom, Duncan Morrison, Tom O'Lincoln, David Finkel, Gemma Short, Steve Bloom in reply, Paul Buhle, D R O'Connor Lysaght, Ed Maltby in reply, Steve Bloom in further response, Jason Schulman
The book contains a substantial introduction, 12 chapters of debates and confrontations over the big issues of the 1940s, a chapter on the working class and socialism, and seven classic essays

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