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After 24 days on hunger strike, Iranian trade unionist and socialist Reza Shahabi’s health is deteriorating. Demand his release!
The latest edition of On Guard, a socialist bulletin for Northern Rail workers published by Workers' Liberty.
The latest edition of Tubeworker, a socialist industrial bulletin for London Underground workers, by London Underground workers.
Workers at McDonald′s stores in Cambridge and London will strike on 4 September. We spoke to a McDonald's worker about the dispute.
Captains and mates working for City Cruises, a company which runs sightseeing trips along the River Thames, have won reinstatement for Hairia Abdo, an unjustly sacked colleague, after announcing a strike ballot.
A report from a Northern guard about the ongoing fight against Driver Only Operation (DOO).
Defend Venezuelan workers against the right-wing coup, for an independent working-class alternative to Chavismo.
A Labour Party member visits the picket lines of Birmingham refuse workers.
Bart's strikers plan strikes throughout August and September.
Dispute at Glasgow outsourced service over increased work and cuts in services
Rail workers' fights against Driver Only Operation (DOO) continue.


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Battle of Ideas

The distinction between “anti-Zionism” and antisemitism, is, increasingly, a small one. On some of the pseudo-Left it is ceasing to exist, or already, more or less, has.
Retelling the story of the Russian Revolution and its degeneration, and the Marxist analysis, in the light of recent research. Buy online here.
The line between “anti-Zionism” and anti-semitism on the pseudo-Left is ceasing to exist.
Review of The Left in Disarray, by Sean Matgamna, published June 2017
Kelly Rogers, a victimised Picturehouse cinema worker and Workers' Liberty supporter, talks about the politics of their long-running dispute.
The introduction from a new book about the left by Sean Matgamna.
"Crisis and sequels" is a book about the 2008 economic crash and its sequels by Solidarity and Workers' Liberty contributor Martin Thomas.
An interview with Bhaskar Sunkara, editor of the US socialist magazine Jacobin.
The labour movement debate about how to approach Brexit is hotting up.
A review of Contemporary Left Antisemitism by Dave Hirsh (Routledge).
Denials from Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the new group, Jewish Voice for Labour
Review of the new grouping involving Socialist Action (USA), A&R (France), and other groups.
"You, comrade Mandel, are the representative leader of post-Trotsky 'Trotskyism'..."
This article from 1947, by Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) Trotskyist Colin De Silva, discusses the stance on partition by the main bourgeois political groups in India — the Congress Party and the Muslim League. A terrible rupture and violence followed partition when 10-12 million people were displaced along religious lines.
What happens when you set a gang of men - any men - to roam the streets as vigilantes, harassing, bullying, and intimidating prostitute women?
Andrew Gamble: "Trump pivots from one faction to another, and plays them off against one another, leading to erratic policy-making."
The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign has failed to tackle antisemitism in its own ranks.
Racist antisemitism has been a shocking feature of debates among leftists over the removal of Jackie Walker as Vice-Chair of Momentum.
Maduro's victory does not represent the preservation of the "gains of socialism".
A survey of the history of the Labour Party - and of Marxists' efforts in relation to it - up to the eve of Tony Blair taking office and dramatically restructuring the party, in 1997.
A comprehensive Trotskyist response to the new age which opened with the American atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. It was published in Labor Action, New York, at the end of 1945.
Is The Time Ripe For The Slogan ‘The United States Of Europe'? Trotsky in June 1923
In June 1953, workers revolted against Stalinist rule in East Germany. We republish here analysis of the uprising by the “Third Camp” Trotskyists of the Independent Socialist League.
An examination of the role of a Marxist “Fighting Educationalist Group” in the class struggle and in the transformation of existing labour movements.
Bob Carnegie has been active on the left and in the labour movement in Brisbane, Australia, for nearly four decades.
The story of how the British revolutionary left went from an independent working-class stance to accommodation with chauvinism
Report of Conference of the Socialist Movement for the United States of Europe, 1949.
Why "the Bolsheviks should have been more democratic" is beside the mark as an explanation for the Stalinist counter-revolution in Russia


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The Fate of the Russian Revolution

By the end of his life, there were different and conflicting strands in Trotsky's political thought. In World War 2 "Orthodox" Trotskyism built on one strand at the cost of screening out more fundamental ideas.
Reviews and comments on the book by Paul Hampton, Paul Le Blanc, Ed Strauss, Ed Maltby, Andrew Coates, Herman Benson, Robert Fine, Steve Bloom, Duncan Morrison, Tom O'Lincoln, David Finkel, Gemma Short, Steve Bloom in reply, Paul Buhle, D R O'Connor Lysaght, Ed Maltby in reply, Steve Bloom in further response, Jason Schulman
The book contains a substantial introduction, 12 chapters of debates and confrontations over the big issues of the 1940s, a chapter on the working class and socialism, and seven classic essays

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