Update on class struggle in Iraq

Falah Alwan

Recently, AWL members in the UK and Australia (along with other activists) have been holding monthly web-conferences with Falah Alwan, leader of the Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq. This is an edited transcript of Falah's report to the December conference.

Indian left fights communalism

Martin Thomas

Achin Vanaik is professor of politics at the University of Delhi. He spoke to Martin Thomas from Solidarity about the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai (26-29 November). First we asked about the background to the attacks, and how they fit into the pattern since the demolition by Hindu chauvinists of the Babri mosque in 1992, and the attacks on Indian Muslims in the following months.

A Dispute with "Revolutionary History" - Reply to John McIlroy

Sean Matgamna

[Ed. note, Sept 2010: This is a reply to the short version of JM's article. Both appeared in Solidarity. By a curious oversight, when the longer version of McIlroy's article was put up here, the reply to it was omitted. The Menshevik saboteur responsible for this oversight has now been identified and shot, and the reply is published for the first time on the website. "Revolutionary History" published McIllroy's complaint/polemic, but not the reply; nor did they tell readers that the reply existed and where it could be found: "The following letter was sent to Solidarity, the paper of the Alliance for Workers Liberty, in response to an article in it criticising this journal. John McIlroy requested that it be published in full or not at all. It was, however, published in a truncated version."]

Click here for the article by John McIlroy which this piece replies to.

Marxism and imperialism

Martin Thomas

(Published 1996)

We are not a government party; we are the party of irreconcilable opposition.... Our tasks... we realize not through the medium of bourgeois governments... but exclusively through the education of the masses through agitation, through explaining to the workers what they should defend and what they should overthrow. Such a 'defence' cannot give immediate miraculous results. But we do not even pretend to be miracle workers. As things stand, we are a revolutionary minority. Our work must be directed so that the workers on whom we have influence should correctly appraise events, not permit themselves to be caught unawares, and prepare the general sentiment of their own class for the revolutionary solution of the tasks confronting us.

The truth about Marxism and religion

By Paul Hampton
Read this article in French here.

An article, “Marx and religion” by Anindya Bhattacharyya in Socialist Worker (4 March 2006) argued that Karl Marx and Frederick Engels were not very hard on religion and scorned “liberal” contemporaries (especially Bruno Bauer) who were.

The Labour Party now! By Jim Connell, author of "The Red Flag" (Verse)

Jim Connell

The turncoats and renegades, like "the poor", are always with us, shadows the Socialist Movement leaves behind as it goes on its way, as Jim Connell noted over a hundred years ago. Jim Connell, who wrote "The Red Flag", was an Irish Fenian, member of the first Marxist organisation in Britain, the Social Democratic Federation, of the Independent Labour Party and of the Labour Party. He died in 1928. He may have had in mind here John Burns, the Marxist 1889 London docks strike leader and later, after 1906, Liberal Government Minister.