Mass picket of Crossrail Oxford Street site (solidarity with the European general strike!)

Oxford Street Crossrail site (opposite 100 Club)

Facebook event here.

14th November will see the first coordinated European general strike in history, with general strikes in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta and Cyprus - and significant strikes in France and Italy. YOU CAN BE PART OF IT BY JOINING THE MASS PICKET OF CROSSRAIL IN LONDON THAT DAY.

2 months ago, BFK (Bam, Ferrovial and Kier) sacked all 28 UNITE union members working for the electrical firm E.I.S., including the steward and health and safety rep, for highlighting serious health and safety concerns. Two weeks later a serious accident occurred - it was a miracle no-one was killed.

The head of human resources on the Crossrail project is Ron Barron, who was also a key figure in the Consultants Association - the organisation responsible for running a blacklist on trade unionists.

This dispute is now costing £30,000,000 A DAY in missed targets and delays to tunnellng - in other words, BFK are spending millions of taxpayers money to keep trade unions off the site and run an illegal blacklist.

This has gone far enough. Three more workers died on building sites this week. Pickets on the Crossrail dispute are facing violence and intimidation merely for trying to secure a safe working environment.

You can really help them - and show solidarity with our sisters and brothers on strike in Europe at the same time - by coming to Oxford Street and helping us SHUT THE JOB DOWN.

For info on the dispute, and to see the now legendary "green paint" response to violence, watch this.


Wednesday, 14 November, 2012 - 07:00 to 16:00