Will the Iraqi elections bring 'democracy' to Iraq?

Peacock Hotel, Mansfield Road, Nottingham

Public meeting

Nottingham AWL

If Socialists oppose the coming elections in Iraq on the grounds that they have been imposed by American imperialism should we support a boycott of the elections? Current estimates suggest that about 75% of Iraqis intend to participate in the election process.

Osama Bin Laden has apparently issued a tape which calls for a boycott. He describes those who intend to participate as ‘infidels’. Does participation in the election process make us cheerleaders for Imperialism? Or can we question the legitimacy of an imperialist imposed democracy whilst at the same time use the elections to make propaganda and help build progressive forces in Iraq? These are important questions for Socialists and Workers Liberty will be discussing them at our next public meeting.

Speaker: Pete Radcliff


Monday, 24 January, 2005 - 19:30