Their Europe and Ours. AWL day school

Submitted by martin on 9 October, 2012 - 5:31

AWL day school: 11:30-18:00, Saturday 16 February 2013, at ULU, Malet St, London WC1E 7HY.

Rooms 3E, 2A, 2B and 2C.

Tickets bought in advance £10 waged, £7 low-waged/uni students, £5 unwaged/FE/school students. (More expensive on the door: £12, £8, £5)


On 14 November, Europe saw its first-ever cross-borders general strike, with strikes in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece.

In Greece, prolonged social crisis has led to the collapse of the former ruling party, Pasok, and a huge growth of workers' struggles and the left - but also to the rise of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.

Resistance to neo-liberal economics and falling living standards played a major role in the revolutionary upheavals in North Africa. Is revolution possible on this side of the Mediterranean?

Elsewhere in Europe, how do we fight the capitalist assault, let alone fight for workers' power, in a situation of high working-class anger but low working-class confidence, and of sluggish and bureaucratised labour movements? Are there lessons from Greece applicable in countries like Britain?

Join us, and speakers from across Europe, to discuss how we can develop European working-class unity and a Europe-wide fightback, and what Marxist ideas can contribute to that fight. Discussions will include:

Free creche and accommodation: if you need either, or for any other queries, drop us an email at or ring 07796 690 874.
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11.30am Registration

12 Opening plenary: Is the situation in Greece pre-revolutionary?
(Theodora Polenta; Mark Osborn, Workers' Liberty; speaker from the Organisation of Communist Internationalists of Greece, OKDE, by video-link)

1.15 Lunch

a) What way forward for workers' and anti-capitalist movements across Europe? (Aaron Peters, anti-capitalist writer and activist involved in Novara Media; Rebecca Galbraith, Workers' Liberty)
b) Workshop: why socialists should not support the break up of the EU (Cathy Nugent)

a) The German revolution, 1923: why Trotsky called for a united states of Europe (Liam McNulty)
b) Turkey: a rising capitalist power and rising working class on the edge of Europe (speaker from Turkish revolutionary group Marksist Tutum, by video-link)

a) Workshop: understanding the economics of the Eurocrisis (Martin Thomas)
b) Fighting the far right, fighting for migrants' rights (Dave Landau, No One is Illegal; Rebecca Galbraith, Workers' Liberty)

5.45 Closing session: For workers' united Europe and international working-class solidarity

6.15 Close

Social from 6.30