The Weekly Worker Group ("CPGB"): Under the Sign of the Oxymoron

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    Song of the Weekly Worker:

    I'm so small! But I'm poisonous too;
    What I say is at best but half-true:
    I spread gossip thin,
    So they'll think I'm well in;
    But I'm useful, torn up in the loo!
    *(And see appendix by the Marxist-Limerick Tendency)

    The contradictions of the 'CPGB'/WWG
    By Sean Matgamna

A look at the history of the Weekly Worker Group ("CPGB"), one of the strangest groupiscules around.

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Stalinism and Afghanistan: socialists and the 1979-89 war: Workers' Liberty 3/55


Sean Matgamna

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Afghanistan’s “Great Saur Revolution”, in April 1978, and the Russian invasion of Afghanistan that flowed from it 20 months later, at Christmas 1979, were two of the most important events of the second half of the 20th century.

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