Marxism and theory of crises

"Marx on capitalist crisis": start of a Sheffield AWL study course

1 May, 2009 - 11:00 - 12:30

Meet in Starbucks, Eccleshall Road, Sheffield


Sheffield AWL will be holding a study course on Marx on Capitalist Crisis.

The first discussion will be on Friday 1 May, 9am-10.30am in Eccleshall Road Starbucks. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Reading for the sessions to be found at

More info: 07886 399 683.

Thousands turn out to debate revolution

Martin Thomas

Not only the scheduled lecture theatre, but also an overflow theatre connected by video link, were crammed full when David Harvey spoke at the London School of Economics on 26 April about his latest book, The Enigma of Capital, a book which analyses the current crisis and concludes with a call for "revolution" to "dispossess" the capitalist class.