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Joining the AWL: why and how
Political study, education, and training courses
Reference documents and forms for AWL members
For organising AWL activity
AWL conferences

Joining the AWL: why and how

What does it involve?

How to join

Why join

Our constitution

What we think: about class struggle, socialism, Stalinism, national conflicts, imperialism, trade unions and much more.

Our case for unity of the working-class socialist left

Joining the AWL: membership agreement form (pdf). Check this out to see what joining the AWL involves. If you want to become a sympathiser rather than a member, use the same form but amend accordingly.

AWL's short "first six months" reading list for activists

Make a donation or payment to AWL.

Political study, education, and training courses

AWL books and pamphlets

AWL basic political education course, and other educational and study courses

AWL training courses on contact work, public speaking, how to do educationals, choreographing debates, etc.

Reference documents and forms for AWL members

Standing order form for financial contributions to the AWL (pdf, 2K).

Solidarity subscription form.

The AWL constitution: read online or download as pdf (10K).

Contributions assessment form for members

For organising AWL activity

Organiser's pack

AWL branch report form: template (Word document)

AWL branch weekly paper sales record form (pdf)

Activities schedule form for AWL branch meetings

Template for AWL leaflets (Word document)

Template for petition forms (Word document)

AWL sign-up sheet (pdf) - or Word document. Template for entering sign-up details on spreadsheet.

Guidelines and hints on writing for the paper

Workplace bulletins - how to write and produce them (pdf, 64K).

Workplace bulletins - experiences from the history of the revolutionary movement

Workplace bulletins - the political case for them.

Left-wing film suggestions

AWL logo, for use on leaflets, etc.: or another, smaller, copy of the logo.

AWL conferences

Check out the decisions and discussions of AWL conferences.


How to use the AWL Flickr accounts

AWL members' user guide for the AWL website

Speaker notes

Other resources for organising