SATs fiasco shows folly of “teaching to test”

Pat Yarker

As the new term begins, teachers will be discovering the full extent of the chaos and incompetence which plagued this year’s SATs tests. They face the arduous task of reviewing returned scripts and considering whether to spend precious time and money on the appeals process.

Anti-BNP conference called for 19 January

Jack Yates

The last few years have seen the British National Party make creeping electoral gains in local government. The foothold they now enjoy in borough, town and parish councils is directly related to two factors: their turn away from confrontational street politics to agitation around community concerns and the inability of existing anti-fascist campaign groups (Searchlight and the SWP-dominated Unite Against Fascism) to counter this new strategy.

FBU pensions fight

In July 2007 three retired firefighters were told by the Fire Authority in London (LFEPA) that their pensions would stop. This arose because of changes to the rules of the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme. The three were told that, because they were still capable of performing some duties, specifically, because they were still fit to do a desk job, they were not eligible to receive a pension.