Union elections

TGWU BL victory: we must deliver!

By a TGWU member

Candidates of the Broad Left have won an unexpectedly decisive 21:16 majority on the General Executive Council of the TGWU. The previous majority faction grouped around fake-left bureaucrat John Aitken has been routed. Despite retaining some influence in the union's regional structure, it is no longer a significant force in the national leadership.

The Awkward Squad: New Labour and the Rank and File

a Socialist Worker pamphlet by Martin Smith

This pamphlet is a propaganda exercise. There is nothing wrong with that in itself. However, it also claims to provide an analysis of the Labour Party, the trade union bureaucracy, the Broad Lefts and members of the "awkward squad." It does not do any of that very well, relying on crass comments such as "bright flashes of a new mood" and "the gaps between the explosions are becoming shorter".

Retired members dominate union vote

In the regional section of the elections for the Executive of Amicus (the union formed by merging AEEU and MSF), the majority of the votes were cast by retired members.

According to figures published in the "Finsbury Communist", 94,733 retired members cast valid votes for regional representatives on the Executive, and 71,279 employed members.

GEC elections: vote Agenda for Change!

By a TGWU member

At present, the GEC is narrowly controlled by a bureaucratic clique grouped around John Aitkin. This group claims to be on the left, but its record is one of inertia and nepotism. If they retain their hold, Woodley will be isolated and unable to enact the many positive proposals he championed during his successful campaign for the General Secretary's position.

First victory in effort to reclaim FBU

Paul Woolstenholmes has won the election for National Officer in the FBU. He got 52% of the vote in a three-way contest with the previous National Officer, Mike Lawson, and Bob Pounder.

Lawson played a leading role in the conduct of the year-long FBU fight for a living wage which collapsed toward the end of last year in return for a 3.5% pay rise. This result is widely seen as a victory for those who wanted the fight to be continued and fought with more militancy.

Left wins in Amicus

The left slate has won 23 of the 48 places on the executive of Amicus, the union formed by merging AEEU and MSF.

The new executive took office on 1 January. According to Amicus insiders, most likely is the development of a 'centre-left' majority in the executive working closely with new general secretary Derek Simpson.

But it will be spurred on by a harder left minority within the executive and represents progress over the old right-wing regimes in AEEU and MSF.