Union conferences

Draft motion on "union time"

A draft by Pete Allen. Please consider using or adapting this text for trade union motions.
The membership is the lifeblood of the union and an active membership is the key to an active and effective union. Active participation by large numbers of members is also essential to ensuring that UNISON remains a democratic union with an accountable leadership.

Labour threatens to expel rail union

The RMT rail union will hold a special conference in Glasgow on 6 February to discuss its response to a threat by the Labour Party to disaffiliate it.

The Labour Party's move follows moves by seven RMT branches in Scotland, and the RMT's Scottish Regional Council, to affiliate to the Scottish Socialist Party.

T&G: Winds of change

By Sue Denham

The Branch Delegate Conference of the T&G was on the surface a boring affair. No dramatic conference arguments; composites were passed in almost every case with GEC endorsement. Excellent positions on asylum seekers and the organisation of migrant workers, no hint of a right-wing agenda.

Affiliation to the United Campaign for the Repeal of the Anti-Trade Union Laws (UCRATUL) went through with GEC recommendation and was passed as part of a comprehensive composite on anti-trades union legislation.

RMT: More political freedom: now use it wisely

By a conference delegate

The 2003 RMT conference made several rule changes governing the use of the political fund (see back page for details). These rule changes will put the RMT into direct conflict with the constitution of the Labour Party. An affiliate of the party cannot support a party or person that stands against Labour in elections. There is a chance that the Labour leadership will try to expel us from the party that we helped to set up 103 years ago.

RMT vote on political funds

Organise the rank and file

By Colin Foster

The broadside condemnation of Blair's New Labour government by the RMT railworkers' union conference this week (29 June-4 July) is a welcome jolt to the labour movement. So is the probable decision, soon, by the RMT's Scottish region to affiliate to the Scottish Socialist Party.

But where we go from here depends on what rank-and-file activists and socialists, in the RMT and other unions, make of it.