Defending jobs

HMV jobs fight

Padraig O'Brien

Nearly 1,000 HMV workers are set to lose their jobs, after administrator Hilco announced that 66 of the entertainment retailer’s stores will close.

Sack the agency, not the workers! Demonstrate to demand justice for the 33!

7 January, 2013 - 13:00 - 14:00

Wembley Central station


The ruthless and callous sacking of 33 RMT members employed by the Trainpeople agency just before Xmas has stirred some very raw emotions amongst rank-and-file workers. There is a demo on Mon Jan 7, 1300hrs at Wembley Central station. Badges, placards, banners and T shirts are all being made, it looks like Monday could be a noisy and vibrant demo.

Make sure you are part of it. Badges will be available for all.

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