Marxist Theory

ATOMIC ENERGY: for Barbarism or Socialism? A Socialist Manifesto From the Dawn of the Atomic Age


"The impact of the bomb was so terrific that prac-
tically all living things, human and animal, were liter-
ally seared to death by the tremendous heat and pres-
sure engendered by the blast."

The German workers' revolution of 1918/19 and why it was defeated

Stan Crooke

In January 1919 Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, the two most prominent leaders of the German revolutionary movement, were savagely murdered in Berlin.

The SWP and the Iran-Iraq war: the sudden shift to super-anti-imperialism

Clive Bradley

In 1988 the SWP suddenly became very 'anti-imperialist'. It became a loud cheerleader for what it sees as progressive or revolutionary nationalisms.

Reclaiming Trotskyist history: introduction to Shachtman's Where is the petty-bourgeois opposition?

Sean Matgamna

George Santanyana’s aphorism, “Those who do not learn from history are likely to repeat it”, is not less true for having become a cliché. And those who do not know their own history cannot learn from it.

1940: Max Shachtman's reply to Leon Trotsky - A “petty bourgeois” opposition?

Max Shachtman, CLR James, Martin Abern, etc. (The SWP Political Committee minority, 1940.)

Where Is the Petty Bourgeois Opposition? A Repeated Challenge Remains Unanswered.